The Medicaid Long-Term Care Managed Care Program (“LTCMC”) is a Medicaid program administered by the Agency for Health Care Administration (“AHCA”). LTCMC provides long term care services to the elderly or disabled population ages 18 and up. AHCA contracts with managed care plans, such as American Eldercare, Inc., to operate the program and coordinate services for recipients. The purpose of the program is to ensure Floridians remain as independent while maintaining a continuity of care. Services may be provided in the home, community or a nursing home depending on a person’s needs. The program is implemented in stages beginning August 1, 2013 and will be statewide starting March 2014. Please click here to see Florida Medicaid Managed Care Region Map Implementation Plan.

If eligible, recipients may choose which managed care plan to enroll in. Different plans are available based on the region you live in; only American Eldercare, Inc. is statewide. Plans also may have expanded benefits offered to recipients enrolled in their plan. To find out more about benefits please contact the State’s enrollment broker at 1-877-711-3662.

Once enrolled in a plan, recipients have a care manager that works with them to develop a plan of care to meet their needs. This plan of care outlines what services recipients need to remain safe and cared for. The care manager keeps in regular contact with recipients and providers to ensure their safety and health are maintained. Whenever needs change the care manager works with the recipient and their caregivers to rework their plan of care to meet these changes.

The program is funded by Medicaid and most services do not include a cost to recipients. Below you will find a list of services covered by the LTCMC program:

Services provided by LTCMC Program
  Adult day health care    Medical equipment and supplies 
  Adult companion care    Intermittent and skilled nursing 
  Caregiver training    Assistive care services 
  Homemaker    Personal emergency response system 
  Nursing facility    Behavioral management 
  Assisted living    Care coordination/ Case management 
  Personal care    Medication administration 
  Attendant care    Home accessibility adaptation 
  Respite care    Nutritional assessment/ risk reduction 
  Home-delivered meals    Medication management 
  Hospice    Transportation, Non-emergency 
  Therapies, occupational, physical, respiratory and speech 

Individuals are eligible for the program if they meet financial eligibility requirements for Medicaid and meet minimum admission standards for nursing facility care. To learn more about eligibility requirements please contact the enrollment broker at 1-877-711-3662. You may also ask the enrollment broker about expanded benefits offered by plans.